Note From Our Founder

Communication through design is our passion.

The way your Website, Social Media, and Graphics are designed directly affects your business and your goals – from your client’s and audience’s first impression… to the way a search engine finds you… and everything in between.

Since 2008 I’ve been delivering great results for various personal clients. Because of continued satisfaction, my client base has continually increased. In January of 2014, CS Design became a full-time business.

Our desire is to serve your business by helping you communicate your message… and that goes deeper than just a cool logo. This ultimately happens when your message & image are in harmony creating a powerful product which moves your business forward!

Our Pillars of Operation

Listening is important. Good listening, and truly hearing our clients message, leads to original, custom work that reaches their goals and communicates their unique message.

Clients are the priority. Because that’s true, their message can be communicated to the world through the various services we offer.

Executing a task is different than simply completing a task. Completing focuses on being finished, while executing adds the element of the task having been done well. Execution requires working with the highest standards and optimizing the project outcome with the synergy of a team. Executing a project transforms a “good enough” project into a “great” one.

CS Design is committed to establishing and achieving goals with careful monitoring along the way.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider in this arena of work is the pace of development. Technology is always changing. CS Design is dedicated to embrace change where it matters to clients and carefully consider when it may not.

Communication is critical. From adjustments in a project to development in technologies, clients deserve to be informed.

Meet The Team

Chris Sisk

Co-Owner/Design Lead

Stacey Sisk


Conrad Hake

Operations Lead

Patti Wallis

Administrative Lead

Tyler Hulsey

Content Development Technician

Seth Gibson

Washington County Guide Catalyst
Content Development Technician