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How does your approach compare to other designers/design services?2016-01-03T23:58:45-06:00

We don’t tend to compare ourselves to other companies. There are a lot of good ones out there.

However, you can be sure that we are intentional about creating design that makes sense. A cool design for the sake of having a cool design doesn’t always work.

It’s easy to take something cool we see and try to make it fit to a product. At CS Design, we like to begin with the product and find a creative idea that wraps minds around and filters people back to the product .

What’s your approach to web design?2015-09-25T17:36:09-05:00

We use the same process for all of our products… 1. Listen 2. Collaborate 3. Execute… but we are known to do these things very well!

For more details on our approach to web design, check out our dedicated page.

What happens if my project takes more hours than what was on the estimate?2016-12-23T20:44:13-06:00

We understand ideas and concepts can shift during the creative process. Our estimates usually include: 1) An expected amount of time. 2) An hourly rate should we exceed that time frame.

Additionally, we like to keep you posted on progress to minimize “surprises”.

How much can you get done in an hour?2016-12-23T20:44:13-06:00

Depends on the product. Typically, the creative/idea piece of projects take more time than actually producing a product. We are professionals and once the vision is established, we use top industry tools to get the job done efficiently and done right.

What can I reasonably expect you to be able to do in an hour if I purchase a service block?2015-09-27T21:13:38-05:00

It will depend on your project. However, because of the tools we use, you can expect most minor professional projects completed between one and five hours.


How much does a consultation cost?2015-09-27T21:13:08-05:00

A one hour consultation is $75 but will be waived if you choose CS Design for your project.

What will you cover and what remains my responsibility?2016-12-23T20:44:13-06:00

Because the plans are personalized, we can typically cover as little or as much as you want.

With that said, we do tend to lean away from responding to comments or posts for social media. Instead, we can establish a notification system and provide coaching.

What is “Branding”?2015-09-25T17:37:12-05:00

Branding is the “mark” of your company.

Branding can be company wide but it can also be for a specific campaign or product.

How would you go about branding?2016-12-23T20:44:13-06:00

We like to keep things simple.

The process starts with listening to your goals. Then the collaboration of images/content and marketing options. Then we get to work.

Every branding campaign is unique… and it should be. After all, that’s what makes it stand out!

What would I expect for a branding campaign?2018-02-12T18:46:03-06:00

Simply put…

We will clarify the goals, create ideas, develop and execute the plan.

Sometimes it may involve custom graphics or a social media blitz… branding campaigns are unique to each goal. We’d love to talk with you about how we can develop your next ideas!

Are you capable of producing video for my website?2015-09-27T21:12:25-05:00


We can produce video for whatever output you need.

Do you make television commercials?2015-09-27T21:12:11-05:00

Absolutely. We can design video to local standards. We may need additional details… but we will make it happen!

Is any project type too big or too small?2015-09-27T21:12:03-05:00

We haven’t encountered one yet!

Clients big and small have been very pleased with our design and CS Design is committed to giving the same great service at every level.

What if I don’t like any of your ideas?2015-09-27T21:11:17-05:00

Then we haven’t done our job!

Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product.

In striving for excellence, we will walk you through the elements of design (i.e. balance, color, line etc.) and how it relates to your project.

We work hard to listen and will collaborate with you to get it right.

Who owns the image?2016-12-23T20:44:13-06:00

In most cases, CS Design hands off rights to our clients.

Exceptions, like our low cost logo packages, are structured without including image rights to be more cost effective for the client.

At any time, image rights can be purchased by the client if they are not initially provided.

What makes an image ‘digital’?2018-02-12T18:46:49-06:00

A digital image is an image you would use on an electronic screen. This is called an R(ed) G(reen) B(lue) image.

CS Design likes to establish the proper settings for your images from the beginning. Knowing what you want to do with your image is helpful in optimizing colors and sharpness. In other words, a good question to consider is if you will use your specific image for print or for electronics (digital).

How much does a website cost?2015-09-25T17:38:07-05:00

Depending on what you want, a website will run you $395 up to $50,000.

Most of the sites CS Design provides range from $2,000 – $10,000.

To get more information see our dedicated page where you will not only find some cost breakdowns, but also our approach to web design.

What is CS Design’s approach to Ecommerce?2015-09-22T16:18:26-05:00

We provide a very nice selection of electronic commerce sites.

Selling your product should be fun. CS Design can provide convenient and visually simple sites to help propel your business forward!

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