Growing Our Resources

In the intro video, we announced three areas we are focused on to help your business grow:

  1. Communications
  2. Personnel
  3. Resources (this video)

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Resources are often in the background.

For example, we at CS Design use Adobe Creative tools so you have industry-standard results when you hire us for your design project. We use tools to track our deadlines and another tool to securely store the plethora of passwords we manage (yours included).

Particularly behind the scenes for website design and management is something called hosting.

We like to use the illustration of a bounce house to explain the 3 main components of a website.

The place you set up the bounce house, its location, is like your site’s domain or URL. The physical plastic form of the bounce house that is interacted with is like the content of your site-the images, copy and photos. The blower, the RIGHT blower, makes all the difference for whether the bounce house is fun. Hosting for your website is the equivalent of the blower for the bounce house.

Hosting affects security, maintenance and load speeds among other things.

Therefore, we’ve invested in the very best hosting in our industry FOR YOU with $0 price increase for you!

Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to serve you. We are looking forward to the days ahead!