The Path to a Healthy Online Presence – Where to begin

Imagine you are on a hike: you feel the warm of the sun shining, the smell of the earth below your feet, you watch clouds skip across the sky.

Where are you headed?

Do you have a map or a trail guide to help you get there?

Without answers to those questions, your day could go from fun to not-fun really fast.

Online marketing is a lot like that hike. Knowing your goal and having a strategy to reach that goal are essential pieces of your online marketing.

If you don’t know where you are headed, you can get very lost and waste a LOT of time (and money!)

We are offering you a guide to help you know where you are on the online marketing path. And help clarify what your next step might be.

We will break down the info into 3 separate articles linked together for ease of reading.

Keep in mind your “online presence” is a synonym for “online marketing”. And we like to say that having a healthy online presence is more of an adventure than a destination. You never really “arrive”, but you can certainly get to where you are enjoying the journey.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to

Here’s the overview:

graphic of a yellow caution triangle with a black exclamation point inside

Don’t skip around the phases. Each one builds on the previous phase. 

If you don’t know what colors, fonts, and tone of voice represent you best (identity your brand-Phase 1), your site won’t be an accurate reflection of your business or organization. And if you don’t have a website established yet (build your website-Phase 2), where are you going to send someone who wants more information about your product or service when they find you online (spread your message-Phase 3)?

If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Let’s just take one step at a time on the path toward a healthy online presence.

Read on for more info!

We’re here to help you have a beautiful and effective online presence so you can focus on your customers.