Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a science, so figuring out how to improve your search engine ranking doesn’t have to be a mystery. Google and other search engines base rankings on user experience. Read an intro to SEO here.

Think about the things you appreciate about websites you like and the aggravating features on those sites that frustrate you. Most likely, you want a site that is easy to find your way around and loads quickly, right? “Working on your SEO” is applying those features to your site. Here are a few suggestions to improve your SEO and do just that:

  1. Ensure your site is usable. This is a broad category, but there are several aspects that can help make your site usable, such as adding headers and labels to your posts and pages, ensuring your content is relevant and high quality, and minimizing errors like broken links.
  2. Improve page loading speed. Caching, content distribution networks, image optimization, and mobile AMP optimization can make a big difference in how quickly a page loads. Google wants your site to load in less than a second (and I bet you do too!).
  3. Add backlinks to your site. These are links that connect your site to other sites, and it’s easiest to add these in blog posts or regular updates. The best backlinks are when another site links to yours, but a great starting point is to link to other sites through your site posts.
  4. Make sure your site is secure. HTTPS (Also known as SSL) is already required for commerce sites, but in October 2018, Google required HTTPS in order to *NOT* label your site as unsafe. The looming deadline makes this element an urgent priority to address in the next month. Here is more about what it takes to update the security of a site.

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