SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization,” which significantly impacts how potential customers find your website from a Google search. When you dreamed your site, you came up with a domain name, your site address. Ours is Maybe yours is catchy or reflects your company name. You wanted it to be easy to remember and find: not too long, but not too vague either. Your site address is your business’ virtual address, similar to your business’ physical address.

Clear Directions

SEO comes into play much like giving directions to your brick and mortar business. Current customers know how to get to your business, but you want new customers to be able to find you easily. SEO is giving new customers directions to your online address. Unfortunately, most of our businesses don’t have the name recognition of a giant such as SEO is where the art of online marketing intersects with the science of having a good online path to your business. Think of an interstate billboard advertising a restaurant with simple directions “exit 124, right 2 blocks.”

If your physical business is off the beaten path, how would you give directions? Where would you advertise? Do your directions sound like “go down Broadway past the big brick building on your right, make a left, and go two blocks to the bus station, turn right, and then we’re behind the convenience store at the corner”? It won’t be easy to find your location!

Conversely, if you’ve ever traveled on I-90 (or nearly any other highway), you’ve seen the gaudy advertising for Wall Drug. The signs don’t tell you much about what Wall Drug has to offer. But, in peppering the interstate with the name, Wall Drug knows you’ll see it often enough to become curious and want to check it out.

Google doesn’t appreciate either of these approaches!

SEO Factors

Sites are rewarded with higher page rankings when they are easy to navigate and legitimately represent their industries, topics, or services. Several significant factors play into making your business easy to find online. Does each page of your site have unique keywords? Is your site appropriately labeled with a site map? Is your page copy well-written for an appropriate reading level? Security of the site, eCommerce experience (if applicable), and accessibility for all users are also important factors. Read more about steps you can take to improve your SEO.

We Can Help

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