How to look good online means developing a professional web presence comprised of your business listing, your website, and your social profiles.

When people search online for you or what you offer, they will get their first impression of you from what they find in those search results.

70%-90% of people who are interested in your business will look you up online before they ever call or come in your door. Will they see what you want them to see?

How looking good online is similar to looking professional in real life

A professional web presence is similar to a professional appearance in real life.

Do you wear sweatpants to a business lunch? Of course not! You put your best foot forward for a positive first impression.

Well, I guess if you are an athletic trainer maybe you do. But then wearing sweatpants is on brand for you and your industry.

Most of us are not athletic trainers though.

In the same way as looking presentable in real life, it’s important to look good online.

Since most of your potential customers are looking for you online before they ever call or stop by your office or store, your first impression is going to be online.

Professional associates and potential customers are searching for you online. What impression of you are they getting from what they find?

Three elements that comprise your online presence are:

  1. Your business listing (google, apple, and bing)
  2. Your website
  3. Social media profiles

What is the difference among the three components of your online presence?

The first component in developing a good look online is claiming and editing your business listings.

Here’s a helpful article.

How to set up a business listing

Your business listings are likely the first encounter a potential customer has with you so its a high priority to look good there. Listings are what feed your location on local maps. They are the critical piece for your business to be found on local search. Business listings are managed by the service: Google, Apple or Bing therefore you must log in and prove your authority to make any changes to the information. The process of claiming your listings protects your information from being changed by anyone outside your organization.

In order to claim your listing you may receive an automated phone call or postcard. If neither of these methods work because you have an auto-answer phone service or you receive mail through a post office box, you can make other arrangements with the service representatives. For instance, Google may approve your ownership of your business listing by setting up a google meet where you can show proof of your business such as your logo on your vehicle and business related items around your office.

The limitations with a business listing are that you have a set amount of space to fill and the format will look exactly like the format of every other business listing.

The second component of looking good online is your website.

This article will give you a quick assessment of whether your website is doing what you need it to do.

Quick Glance Website Audit

Your website is the online equivalent of your brick-and-mortar office or store. You get complete autonomy of how you want it to look and operate. Whether you want one page or 1,000 pages on your site; what colors and layout you want to use, whether you want to process transactions, or provide map directions.

You get to determine who has access to visit your site.

You are not at the mercy of a service provider or behind some other service’s log-in. With great privilege comes great responsibility though. It’s up to you to keep information current and to make sure images are sized for use on the web. It’s up to you to update the background code of the site to make sure it is secure and stable as the web itself shifts and changes. A well-maintained website is a big opportunity for a great first impression to potential customers.

The third component of your online presence looking good is your social media profiles.

Learn how to network your business online.

4 best practices once your website is built

Social media can be a great way to circulate your message. You can share up-to-the minute info and photos/videos the help your audience get to know you. This personal kind of communication is helpful for building brand loyalty and creating a collection of people who will refer your business to others in their network who may need what you are offering.

What you can NOT expect from social media is that everyone will see every message you post.

The limitations of social media are the algorithms that favor organizations that are paying for their content to be circulated. Social media is also not ideal for holding all the pertinent info about you in every post. So you must choose between creating excessively long posts that alienate your audience from engaging with you or creating shorter post that are more appealing to your audience but will not have complete info about you.

All three elements of a healthy online presence in tandem are a powerful combination. Each one compensates for the other’s drawbacks. When they work together you will look good online.

Websites and business listings are static meaning they stay where they are until someone visits. On the positive side, they are always available. Social posts move around but are unreliable in how many people will be shown your posts. Together business listings, websites, and social media profiles work together to make sure people will find your business when they look for what you offer.

By managing a professional appearance on each of these three online spaces, you will look good online and give a good impression to those searching for you. Your online presence will be “healthy” as we like to call it.

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