In the days gone by of yellow page listings, you wanted to make sure your business was listed in correct categories so potential customers could find you. Some businesses took of advantage of alphabetical sorting to get their business at the top, like “AAA Electronics” or “123 Print and Copy Center.”

SEO works much the same way, but Google has a lot more to offer than the yellow pages and is not bound by alphabetical order.

Everyone wants their website to pop up first in a Google search, but what are people likely to search for that should lead them to your business? If you sell batteries, then you want to be at the top for a search on “batteries.” But what kind of batteries do you sell? Do you install batteries? What does your business do that’s unique to your industry?

Keywords are the words that you want your business to be most known for, and each page of your site can and should have its own unique keyword.

Your business isn’t limited to one or two categories; with keywords you can emphasize all of the aspects of your business’ specialization.

Whether you’re adding a blog post, updating a page, considering extending your current site, or imagining a new website, keywords are crucial to being found in a Google search, but be careful not to overdo it!

Just like us, Google hates false advertising, and sites that overuse keywords trigger suspicion in Google’s search bots and are likely to draw a lower search ranking. If you have a page that covers too much ground, consider splitting it into two or more pages highlighting each of your specialties with a keyword for each page.

CS Design offers services for analyzing and optimizing your keyword usage and publishing your keywords to Google, and we would be happy to offer a consultation.